December 14, 2021

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Founder of S&C and master guitarist. He loves teaching guitar and believes everyone can learn to play!

Welcome to S & C Guitar!

Situated in the Gate Avenue Mall in the Dubai International Financial Centre, S & C Guitar tuition is a music school for adults of all abilities to either start learning or to continue their studies on the guitar! At S & C, there is a strong focus on providing quality tuition to its students from experienced tutors who know how to structure their lessons for students from all walks of life. The facilities at the school provide a relaxed and friendly environment for learning across many styles such as jazz, classical, rock, blues, and pop, as well as a selection of guitars for sale that students are able to purchase! This means that not only can students learn to play their instrument at S & C, but will also be guided by one of the friendly tutors on what instrument would be best for them should they be looking to upgrade or purchase their first guitar, making it a one-stop-shop for all of your guitar needs!

band guitarist practising the guitar

What Can You Expect From Your Lessons?

At S & C Guitar students can expect well-structured lessons that are catered to the specific student depending on their musical interests and progress goals, which could look very different from student to student! Some students may be itching to improve their skills on the guitar or their wider musical knowledge and how to apply this to their playing, meaning not only will well-thought-out lessons take place but also a structured practice schedule can be discussed between the tutor and student. This will ensure that the student’s goals are met within an appropriate timeframe through the tutors’ guidance on the most effective way to practice their instrument day-to-day. Many adults struggle with finding the time around work, family and other extra-curricular commitments to practice the guitar, so discussing how to best approach this with your tutor will ensure that you understand what you can do away from your lessons to continue your motivation for learning!

guitarist playing on stage

Some students, however, may not be looking for such an intense study and may be looking to learn a few of their favourite songs on the guitar to jam at home or to show to their friends! This would require a slightly different approach both from the tutor in the lesson and from the student at home, but is still important to establish what the students’ goals are on the instrument. This may mean a little less practice during the week around a busy work schedule and that goals are more long term, but there are still goals that a student would like to achieve regardless!

Both scenarios here are very common across all students studying at S & C, with neither being better or worse as everyone has decided to pick up the guitar for different reasons! The one major thing that will be consistent across all lessons is the quality of the tuition and how a student will arrive at their lesson feeling relaxed and motivated to get on the guitar!

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