July 8, 2022

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Founder of S&C and master guitarist. He loves teaching guitar and believes everyone can learn to play!

With so many destinations to explore whilst visiting Dubai, picking just a few can be a hard task. But if you’re a musician or someone who enjoys creative culture, here are 5 must-see attractions in the city of Dubai.

dubai opera

Dubai Opera / Coca-Cola Arena

Dubai is filled with creative culture with all things to do with music and the arts. Downtown Dubai hosts the Dubai Opera, an architectural masterpiece of a venue that holds performances in a variety of performing arts such as musical theatre shows, popular music tribute acts, big band performances, as well as screenings of recently released films. Due to the design of the building, panelling on the walls and floors shifts to create an acoustic environment tailored to the event that you are attending to ensure the best possible sound and sonic experience. For fans of live shows of all kinds, Dubai Opera is a must-see destination.

For larger scale popular acts that are international names, Coca Cola Arena will most likely be your venue of choice when seeking out these performers in Dubai. With a capacity of 17, 000 people, Coca Cola arena is the first and largest fully air-conditioned arena in the Middle East, making it the perfect choice to view your favourite artists or bands in a comfortable environment. Popular acts that frequent this venue include Justin Bieber, Louis Tomlinson and Crusty Demons.

live music band

Local Live Music

If larger scale concerts and performances aren’t your thing, perhaps one of Dubai’s many more intimate venues will be your style, the city hosting a large offering of both local and international talent in the city’s bars and restaurants. Not only will you find many local musicians frequenting these venues, but also many international acts from all over the globe who travel to Dubai for extended periods of time for residencies in these venues.

One venue that is most definitely worth checking out is Q’s Bar and Lounge, which has been awarded the title of “Best Live Music Bar” in Dubai. If you’re wondering, the “Q” stands for Quincy, as in Quincy Jones, legendary music icon who has worked as a producer/arranger/composer for some of musics biggest names such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson. Q’s Bar and Lounge is his first venue and has been undoubtably a success in Dubai, hosting many local and internationally renowned acts in a luxury venue with tons of vibe.

Dubai Jazz Festival

Dubbed as the most popular music festival in the Middle East, the Dubai International Jazz Festival really does provide an experience that anyone can enjoy. The festival runs annually for three days in February, showcasing acts of all sizes from all over the globe. Not only does the festival run performances from acts of the jazz genre, but also artists from a wide variety of genres such as RnB, Pop and Soul. Past acts include Lionel Ritchie, John Legend, Duran Duran and Lauryn Hill.

man teaching guitar

Music Lessons Offered In Many Institutes

A city with such a rich music culture is bound to have a vast audience of music fans, who at some point have probably thought about picking up an instrument themselves! Dubai is also an amazing place to partake in music education, taking instrumental music lessons from one of the cities many high quality music institutes. Situated in the Gate Avenue Mall in the heart of Dubai, S & C Music Instruction provide world class music lessons on instruments such as guitar, piano, voice, violin, cello and drums. S & C provides a university level education for those wanting to specialise into higher education on their instrument, as well as many other courses for all levels of musicians whether that be an adult who wants to learn a few of their favourite songs for fun, or kids looking to join their first rock band!

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