April 27, 2023

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Founder of S&C and master guitarist. He loves teaching guitar and believes everyone can learn to play!


One thing that I notice my Zoom students love about their lessons is the flexibility and convenience of it. They can go straight from their regular home routine into their lesson for 30 – 60 minutes, and then go straight back into whatever they were doing. There’s no commute time to a music school nearby, where you would need to make sure that you remember all of your worksheets and everything else that you need for your instrument. Everything you need is close by and basically within arms reach should you need it in your lesson. Students often seem even more comfortable with lessons in this format in their own space at home, enjoying a drink of their choice while they play through their current tasks in their lesson. In the event that the teacher or student needs to reschedule the lesson, this can also become a lot easier, especially if the teacher is only at the particular music school one or two days a week, or if the student will find it inconvenient to commute to the studio on a different day. Both teacher and student are simply able to coordinate convenient times that they will both be at home to have the lesson.

woman learning the guitar

Wider Access

Having your lesson over zoom gives you a unique opportunity to learn from musicians all over the globe, not being restricted to just who is in your local area. Perhaps you want to take jazz guitar lessons from a world famous guitarist based in New York who is offering zoom lessons for a limited period, or you want to learn how to play authentic flamenco guitar from an expert in Spain. Even if you have just found someone on instagram whom you admire and would like to learn from, this is all possible thanks to online music lessons! This may be particularly handy for those who live in remote locations far from a major city.

man playing the guitar with laptop

Use Your Own Gear

Another advantage of taking Zoom guitar lessons is that you get to always have your lesson on your own gear. If you’re a guitar student, that means playing your instrument through your own amp just like how it would be when you practice. This allows you to learn new things on the instrument that you will be practising on away from your lesson, giving you consistency on how it looks and feels to play. Have you ever had a lesson at a music school and the guitar they had for students to use felt really different to your own? Maybe you’re used to playing an electric at home but all they had there was an acoustic, or they do have an electric but it’s a really different style to yours and feels really different and foreign? Using your own gear at home for your zoom guitar lessons gives you a smooth transition between your lesson and your own personal practice.

male adult in guitar lesson

Using Technology To Your Advantage

Although the technological side of zoom guitar lessons is a turn off for a lot of people, we can actually use technology to our advantage to give us resources out of a zoom lesson that an in person lesson can’t replicate! I often take advantage of zooms record feature, to record examples of songs or exercises that I am working on with a student to then send this to them in high quality after the lesson. This gives them a clear video of exactly what they were seeing on Zoom, with high quality direct audio recorded straight from the call. This will sound and look much better than an iPhone recording taken during an in person lesson, which most of the time wouldn’t happen anyway. You could also of course just record your entire lesson with your teacher to watch back later, to pick up on any points that you may have missed or forgotten! Again this will be in high video and audio quality which allows you to thoroughly go through every point from your lesson.

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