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Guitar lessons

Why Am I Not Improving On The Guitar?


Not Enough Practice! Ok I’m just going to go straight there - the most likely scenario for why you’re not improving on the guitar is that you’re not practising enough. We’ve all heard this spiel before, so if you’re finding that you’re constantly having unsuccessful attempts at doing some decent practice on the guitar, it’s probably time to establish a solid practice routine and stick to it. There’s no exact number on how much practice you need to do, but a few times a month, once a week or even a few times a week will often not be enough to [...]

Why Am I Not Improving On The Guitar?2023-03-16T12:51:43+04:00

How to Hold Your Plectrum


A small but important detail that is often overlooked in guitar playing is how to hold your plectrum. Now although there are many different approaches and techniques to this, some are more correct than others, and will depend on what you are playing! Find The Right Pick For You Before you even worry about how to hold the thing, the first thing you should consider is what pick is the right one for you. Depending on what style of music you play, different thicknesses, sizes, and materials will have a big affect on how comfortable the pick will feel to use. [...]

How to Hold Your Plectrum2022-11-09T17:35:48+04:00

5 Creative Culture Things To Do In Dubai


With so many destinations to explore whilst visiting Dubai, picking just a few can be a hard task. But if you’re a musician or someone who enjoys creative culture, here are 5 must-see attractions in the city of Dubai. Dubai Opera / Coca-Cola Arena Dubai is filled with creative culture with all things to do with music and the arts. Downtown Dubai hosts the Dubai Opera, an architectural masterpiece of a venue that holds performances in a variety of performing arts such as musical theatre shows, popular music tribute acts, big band performances, as well as screenings of recently released films. [...]

5 Creative Culture Things To Do In Dubai2022-08-18T15:23:15+04:00

Should I Take Guitar Lessons in a 1 – 1 or Group Setting?


Many students that are new to studying their instrument with a tutor often ask themselves the question of if they should learn in a small group or 1-1 environment. This can be a challenging decision for those who have never had music lessons before, but there are many important things to consider before deciding on what the more suitable option is. Advantages of 1-1 1-1 lessons are probably the most popular way to learn an instrument and for good reason. In this environment your tutor can focus all of their attention on you and your playing, meaning there won’t be any [...]

Should I Take Guitar Lessons in a 1 – 1 or Group Setting?2022-05-06T01:06:20+04:00

Why guitar lessons with a tutor will improve your playing faster than free online tutorials!


Learning guitar online via YouTube or other sources is an incredibly popular way to start your guitar journey these days, some YouTube channels clocking in millions of views on each of their videos. Although this method of learning can be a great way to get started on the guitar, many players will hit a roadblock with this method for a few reasons, which may steer them into partaking in lessons with a personal guitar tutor. Real Time Feedback! The major drawback to learning the guitar online is that due to the video being pre-recorded, the teacher on the screen won’t be [...]

Why guitar lessons with a tutor will improve your playing faster than free online tutorials!2022-03-18T14:15:46+04:00

The Basics of Rock Guitar: Where to Start Your Journey!


Who Are Your Guitar Heroes? Now there must be a reason why you want to start learning rock guitar, and it’s probably because you’ve been listening to a particular guitarist or rock band, and you want to be just like them! Or at least, sound something like them. Identifying who your influences are in this genre will be helpful in establishing your goals on the guitar and give you a sound in your head to work towards. For example, if you love Slash from Guns ’N’ Roses, working towards playing the intro to “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” or the strummy intro [...]

The Basics of Rock Guitar: Where to Start Your Journey!2022-02-01T23:43:06+04:00

Why S & C Guitar Is The School Of Choice To Learn Guitar In Dubai


Welcome to S & C Guitar! Situated in the Gate Avenue Mall in the Dubai International Financial Centre, S & C Guitar tuition is a music school for adults of all abilities to either start learning or to continue their studies on the guitar! At S & C, there is a strong focus on providing quality tuition to its students from experienced tutors who know how to structure their lessons for students from all walks of life. The facilities at the school provide a relaxed and friendly environment for learning across many styles such as jazz, classical, rock, blues, and pop, [...]

Why S & C Guitar Is The School Of Choice To Learn Guitar In Dubai2021-12-14T21:01:07+04:00


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