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Dubai guitar lessons

Should I Do Zoom Guitar Lessons?


Flexibility One thing that I notice my Zoom students love about their lessons is the flexibility and convenience of it. They can go straight from their regular home routine into their lesson for 30 - 60 minutes, and then go straight back into whatever they were doing. There’s no commute time to a music school nearby, where you would need to make sure that you remember all of your worksheets and everything else that you need for your instrument. Everything you need is close by and basically within arms reach should you need it in your lesson. Students often seem even [...]

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5 Creative Culture Things To Do In Dubai


With so many destinations to explore whilst visiting Dubai, picking just a few can be a hard task. But if you’re a musician or someone who enjoys creative culture, here are 5 must-see attractions in the city of Dubai. Dubai Opera / Coca-Cola Arena Dubai is filled with creative culture with all things to do with music and the arts. Downtown Dubai hosts the Dubai Opera, an architectural masterpiece of a venue that holds performances in a variety of performing arts such as musical theatre shows, popular music tribute acts, big band performances, as well as screenings of recently released films. [...]

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Why guitar lessons with a tutor will improve your playing faster than free online tutorials!


Learning guitar online via YouTube or other sources is an incredibly popular way to start your guitar journey these days, some YouTube channels clocking in millions of views on each of their videos. Although this method of learning can be a great way to get started on the guitar, many players will hit a roadblock with this method for a few reasons, which may steer them into partaking in lessons with a personal guitar tutor. Real Time Feedback! The major drawback to learning the guitar online is that due to the video being pre-recorded, the teacher on the screen won’t be [...]

Why guitar lessons with a tutor will improve your playing faster than free online tutorials!2022-02-26T19:15:08+00:00

Why S & C Guitar Is The School Of Choice To Learn Guitar In Dubai


Welcome to S & C Guitar! Situated in the Gate Avenue Mall in the Dubai International Financial Centre, S & C Guitar tuition is a music school for adults of all abilities to either start learning or to continue their studies on the guitar! At S & C, there is a strong focus on providing quality tuition to its students from experienced tutors who know how to structure their lessons for students from all walks of life. The facilities at the school provide a relaxed and friendly environment for learning across many styles such as jazz, classical, rock, blues, and pop, [...]

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