At S & C, we are so passionate about adult music education, that we are pleased to introduce first-rate music lessons in other instruments such as piano, singing, violin and flute. With the support of exceptional music instructors, we are delighted to offer you excellent music instruction in the instrument of your choice.

Piano lessons in Dubai

Our passion for helping adults improve their musical skills has to lead us to offer equal excellent instruction to adult piano enthusiasts.

Ran by internationally known Celine Gaurier-Joubert, S&C welcomes adults, from absolute beginners to advanced, to study the piano and improve their current skills with outstanding instructors. Whether you wish to study classical, jazz or pop, you are most welcome to join our piano courses for adults and benefit from a top-notch piano instruction.

We are pleased to work with highly qualified and experienced piano teachers who have a real passion for teaching and who will always instruct you in a manner that is easy for you to understand. You will never be judged or negatively criticised. On the contrary, you can be assured to be greatly encouraged throughout your studies and patiently guided through the steps of becoming a brilliant pianist.

If you are interested in studying the piano, or a friend of yours has expressed the wish of learning how to play this fantastic instrument, please do not hesitate to visit our website or contact Diane directly at

Singing lessons in Dubai

It is well-known that singing is excellent for our health and happiness. It can also help boost our confidence and improve our self-esteem. As we are aware that a large number of adults feel embarrassed about their voice, we decided to help those who love singing but are afraid of expressing themselves publicly. Most beginner singers think that they are tone-deaf and that they do not have a beautiful voice.

We are pleased to inform you that these impressions are false and that you can become a wonderful singer, thanks to the help and support of an expert singing instructor.

At The Dubai Singing Institute, we welcome all adults to learn the set of skills that will transform their voice. Singing is an art like any other that requires a lot of practice before being mastered.

We are aware that most adults are shy and get nervous at the idea to meet a singing instructor. Please do not worry, as all our singing teachers at The Dubai Singing Institute are incredibly patient and understanding. They will never judge you but rather be extremely supportive. As we work with fantastic singing teachers who enjoy teaching all levels, we also welcome intermediate and advanced singers who wish to get to the next level with the support of an expert.

For further information about our singing lessons for adults, please visit our website or contact Diane at

Violin lessons in Dubai

The violin is such an exquisite instrument that we had no choice but to include it in the list of instruments taught to adult amateur musicians.

Some of you might never have had the chance to study it in their youth while others have such a vast experience in violin playing that they can enjoy performing beautiful solo pieces or being part of a chamber music orchestra. Whatever your musical background, we would be pleased to welcome you and support you in your endeavour of playing the violin beautifully.

Our violin instructors are so knowledgeable and experienced that you can be sure to be in good hands and guided kindly and patiently whatever your current ability. As knowing how to read music is not a requirement to begin your violin education with us, we welcome all adult violin lovers to learn how to play the violin or improve their skills with fantastic violin teachers.

We have a passion for teaching adults and help them become the proficient violinists they deserve to be while keeping in mind that they play only for their pleasure. Hence, we always adapt our teaching to your abilities and never require you to perform technical exercises or pieces of the repertoire that would not be appropriate to your current level of violin playing.

For further information about our excellent violin lessons for adults, please contact Diane at

Flute lessons in Dubai

In addition to our exceptional guitar, guitar, singing and violin courses for adults, we are delighted to offer world-class flute lessons to all adult flute enthusiasts, from absolute beginners to advanced amateur flautists.

We are very fortunate to work with brilliant flute instructors who possess all the skills necessary to help you become the wonderful flautist you have always dreamt of being. As ease is essential for adults to improve their flute playing peacefully, we offer all our flute lessons in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.

Whether you are a beginner or a proficient flautist, our instructors will always follow your pace and guide you accordingly. We understand that you play the flute for your enjoyment, and we will, therefore, never pressurise you. On the contrary, we wish you to benefit from educational and delightful flute lessons. Do not worry if you do not know how to read music notation yet, as it will be part of your flute education. If you are an advanced flautist, your instructor will surely be delighted to help you improve your technical skills and sound production for you to perform your favourite compositions as well as you possibly can!

For further information about our flute courses for adults, please contact Diane at