Learn the guitar in the heart of Dubai with outstanding guitar instructors!

By creating S & C, we wanted to provide adult guitar enthusiasts who live in Dubai with the immense opportunity to benefit from excellent guitar lessons in an environment entirely dedicated to them. Too often, excellent guitar instruction is reserved to children or future professional guitarists, but the attention is rarely turned to the adult amateur guitarists. They are usually left in the dark with no platform to express themselves and develop their passion for the guitar. We are indeed pleased to offer you a spotless guitar instruction in the heart of Dubai, either in our gorgeous studio in Downtown or beautiful premises in DIFC. Thanks to the support of outstanding guitar instructors, you can be assured to learn all the correct techniques from day one and make fast progress regularly. We are proud to work exclusively with guitar teachers who have a vast experience in adult guitar education and who possess all the necessary skills to make you become the proficient guitarist you deserve to be! At S & C, we have a genuine passion and interest in helping adult amateur guitarists achieve their goals. It is with the utmost pleasure that we will support you in your endeavour and ensure that you benefit from the most enjoyable and rewarding guitar education.

Enjoy the highest quality guitar instruction for guitar enthusiasts in Dubai!

Our passion and mission are to provide the highest quality guitar lessons to all guitar enthusiasts who reside in Dubai. We are proud of the incredible achievements of our students and delighted to witness that both beginners and advanced have made astonishing progress since their first guitar lesson at S & C. It is all thanks to the remarkable expertise of our guitar instructors who do a fantastic job at carefully passing their knowledge of the guitar on. Adults from all walks of life such as lawyers, bankers, insurance brokers, investors, businessmen and women, architects and even writers, incredibly enjoy their guitar education and indeed benefit from the highest quality instruction available in Dubai and the UAE. We specifically work with guitar teachers who understand adults who play for their pleasure and who know how to adapt to each. They will always teach you in a manner that suits you perfectly, accordingly to your current ability, learning speed, needs and desires.

With our help, you can be assured to become a fantastic guitarist!

At S & C, we use result-oriented methods to avoid wasting time and ensure that you get rewarded for your hard work sooner than later. We do not only want you to play the guitar efficiently. We also want you to become a complete musician who excels in all the aspects of guitar playing.

Hence, we always balance our guitar lessons with a combination of technique and knowledge of the guitar fretboard. We ensure you learn the important solos and pieces of the repertoire too!

A solid guitar education is vital for your overall guitar playing and enjoyment while performing your favourite pieces of the repertoire. Our guitar teachers are so experienced that they will know which aspects need improvement and will ensure that you make equal progress in all the elements of your guitar playing. Whether you are interested in classical, jazz, blues, rock or pop repertoire, you will surely benefit from all the correct advice that will undoubtedly boost your guitar playing and make your overall guitar playing experience much more rewarding and enjoyable!