We are pleased to inform you that S & C offers the highest quality guitar lessons available in Dubai and the UAE.

Founded by European master guitarist Stefan Joubert, S & C has been created to provide an excellent guitar education to all adults who are keen to learn how to play or improve their guitar playing with expert guitar instructors.

Adult amateur guitarists are often left in the dark and are rarely provided with a platform where they can develop their passion in an environment where they are welcomed and understood.

Thanks to S & C, you can now become the brilliant guitarist that you have always dreamt to be without having to leave the Emirates Hills.

Beginner Guitar Lessons in Emirates Hills

Adult beginner guitarists are very welcome to study at S & C, even if they do not have any prior musical background.

Learning how to read music is easier than you may think.

Learning how to read the score is included in our beginner guitar lessons in the Emirates Hills.

There is, therefore, no reason to be worried or stressed about starting your guitar course.

By joining S & C in the Emirates Hills, you can be assured to learn all the correct techniques from the start and be guided by a loving and patient instructor.

We are proud to say that we only work with expert guitar teachers who have a correct understanding of adult guitar education and your state of mind as an adult amateur guitarist.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons in Emirates Hills

If you are an intermediate guitarist, it means that you are already playing the guitar for a few years.

You have now mastered the basics and you are able to perform some lovely pieces of the repertoire.

You might, however, feel that your technique is not up to par or that you are struggling to make the guitar sing as you would like it to. It is absolutely normal to feel that way as it is an uncomfortable stage that all guitarists, unfortunately, must go through before getting to the advanced level.

At S & C, we completely understand you as an intermediate guitarist and we would be pleased to help you improve your overall guitar playing.

Advanced Guitar Lessons in Emirates Hills

Whatever the style you are interested in, our exceptional guitar instructors will be delighted to work one-on-one with you and help you refine the pieces and songs of the repertoire that you are currently working on.

Imperfections in your performances can either be due to a lack of technique or a lack of understanding of interpretation. In both cases, our expert instructors who work in the Emirates Hills will definitely know how to transform your guitar playing. We are proud to say that they all possess the skills necessary to enhance your guitar playing greatly while never judging or patronising you.

The aim of providing you with such incredible guitar lessons in the Emirates Hills is to see you succeed and enjoy your own guitar playing immensely!

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