At S & C, we aim to provide the highest possible guitar lessons for adults in DIFC without every compromising on excellence. Our exceptional guitar lessons for adults take place in our gorgeous premises conveniently located in the heart of DIFC. As we believe that a beautiful surrounding is essential for you to enjoy your guitar lessons fully, we have decorated our guitar studios with style and even included original artworks from a renowned local artist called Wafa El Hilali.

At S & C, we specialise in teaching adults and our reputation is equalled to none. We surely have a remarkable understanding of adult guitar education and outstanding experience in the field.

We welcome all adults, from beginners without any prior music experience to proficient amateur guitarists, to benefit from exceptional guitar lessons specifically designed for them.

We know that starting to play the guitar as an adult can be intimidating. Hence, we only work with guitar teachers who are extremely kind and patient. You can be assured to be well-respected and always encouraged. Your guitar instructor will certainly never criticise you negatively or patronise you. You can be sure to learn at your speed whatever your current abilities. You will also only be taught the style you are interested in and not be given endless technical exercises or songs that you do not enjoy playing.

At S & C, in DIFC, we take great care in working hand on hand with you to ensure that your guitar lessons are extremely enjoyable and that you make brilliant progress regularly.

Our passion for teaching adults is unique and helping you achieve your goal always provides us with great joy. Our guitar teachers genuinely care about your guitar education and will therefore always adapt to your needs and wishes.

If you are an adult guitar enthusiast who lives or works in DIFC, you should be pleased to know that such a wonderful guitar haven is located at your doorstep.

Our guitar lessons at Gate Avenue Mall, DIFC, take place weekly on a set day and time and last 45 minutes. They can either take place in the morning, afternoon or evening to suit your availability.

Whether you are new to guitar playing or whether you would like to benefit from the advice of an expert to improve your technique or improvisation skills, we will be delighted to count you amongst our lovely students!

Beginners guitar lessons in DIFC

If you are an adult guitar lover, keen on starting to learn how to play your favourite instrument in DIFC, you should definitely make your dream become true without any delay. At S & C, we are aware that most adults are worried about their ability to succeed at playing the guitar and tend to give up on their dream.

S & C is a guitar academy that has been entirely created for adult amateur guitarists so there is no need to be scared or worried at all. We exclusively work with exceptional guitar teachers who will never judge, criticise or patronise you. On the contrary, they will always be very patient and understanding with you.

There is no need to possess any special talent to join our guitar lessons for adults in DIFC and we can assure you that all our students who were doubting their abilities before joining are now delighted with their guitar playing!

Intermediate guitar lessons in DIFC

Being an intermediate guitarist means that you have now mastered the basics and that you need the support of an expert guitar teacher to take your guitar playing to the next level. Benefiting from the guidance of a professional guitarist is key to your progress so we would greatly encourage you to join our guitar lessons for adults in DIFC.

Some individuals believe that they can easily improve their guitar skills on their own, but it is unfortunately not advised if you wish to make the progress you deserve to make in a given period of time and enjoy your guitar performances immensely!

Benefiting from the advice of a highly qualified and experienced guitar teacher as an intermediate guitarist is certainly more important that you may think, and our wonderful guitar instructors in DIFC will be delighted to help you enhance your technical and musical skills.

Advanced guitar lessons in DIFC

As an advanced amateur guitarist, you are very welcome to study the guitar at S & C in DIFC.

Whether you wish to improve your technical skills, your improvisation skills or your overall guitar playing, we will be delighted to help you improve!

At S & C, we strictly work with extraordinary guitar teachers who have a remarkable understanding of adults who play the guitar for their personal pleasure and a passion for supporting them in their endeavour.

Thanks to their unparalleled experience, our fantastic guitar teachers will be able to advise you in the best manner possible.

Even if you are already a proficient amateur guitarist who works or resides in DIFC, we believe that benefiting from the feedback of an expert guitarist can only be beneficial to your guitar playing!

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