Guitar courses Dubai

By booking a guitar course at S & C, you can be assured to be in good hands, whatever your current abilities, as we pride ourselves on offering the highest guitar instruction in Dubai to absolute beginners, intermediate guitar players and advanced proficient guitarists.

The quality of our guitar lessons is so sought-after that we have an extremely limited availability.

Stefan Joubert, founder of S & C and master guitar instructor, has over 30 years of experience in guitar playing and over 20 years in guitar teaching.

He has become one of his generation’s most in-demand guitar instructors thanks to his unparalleled understanding of amateur guitarists.

Studying the guitar with him is a rare privilege, and you will struggle to find the same standard of expertise anywhere else in Dubai or the UAE.

He has studied under the guidance of the greatest guitar instructors in the world, and it is his deepest passion to pass his remarkable knowledge of the instrument on to you!

Stefan Joubert

If you wish to study the guitar directly with Stefan Joubert:

If you wish to take guitar lessons with one of his assistants, you can choose one-to-one or group. Please get in touch with Cristy at to obtain further information.

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Exclusive music instruction for adults of all ages and abilities (absolute beginners are very welcome!)