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Music Genres on the Guitar


The guitar is a versatile instrument used to play a wide range of music genres. Here are some of the most common music genres and how the guitar is typically used in each: Rock Rock music is characterised by its powerful, amplified sound and rebellious spirit. Common elements are power chords, distortion, and riffs. It emerged in the mid-20th century and has since evolved into various sub-genres, from classic rock to punk, metal, and alternative rock. Rock is known for its prominent use of electric guitars, driving rhythms, and emotionally charged lyrics. It has catalysed cultural and social movements and produced [...]

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All About Vintage Guitars


Why The Hype? So I’m sure that if you’re into guitars and guitar gear that you’ve no doubt come across people passionately arguing about whether vintage guitars sound, feel and look better than their modern counterparts. The “vintage” tag is often given to guitars over 30 years of age, or more likely in the guitar community, guitars built before the year 1980. Many collectors however consider the golden era of the guitar (in particular the electric guitar) the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Obviously there are exceptions to this generalisation, but think about how many of those museum-piece models are from this [...]

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