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Guitar Theory

What Are Power Chords?


What are Power chords? Power chords are a type of musical chord commonly used in rock, punk, and other forms of popular music. They are simple yet powerful chords that consist of only two notes, typically the root note and the fifth note of a given musical scale. Power chords are characterised by their strong and stable sound, making them a fundamental element in many rock and metal guitar riffs and songs. Here are the key components of a power chord: Root Note The primary or fundamental note upon which a chord or scale is built. It is the starting point [...]

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How To Spice Up Your Blues Chords


Use Extensions So we all know the regular boxy 7th chords that we probably start with when playing the blues, so our first step will be breaking out of this sound to use something with a little more colour. 6th, 9th, and 13th chords work great over a 12-bar blues, and offer up different flavours that work great within the style. Try the following for a blues in the key of A: Chromatic Lead In A great and simple way to add a bit of spice is to use one of the chords that we already have, the D9 chord in [...]

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