At S & C, we work with two different types of advanced amateur guitarists:

  1. Those who reached a very high standard of guitar playing, but stopped years ago for various reasons, and would like to get back into guitar playing again.
  2. Those who have been playing continuously for more than ten years, and would like to improve their technique, sound production and interpretation under the guidance of an expert.

We are delighted to be able to cater to both types of advanced amateur guitarists, thanks to the unsurpassed knowledge and experience that our exceptional guitar instructors possess.

All our guitar lessons are offered in a non-judgemental environment for you to improve your skills drastically, and make extraordinary progress, without ever feeling patronised.

As we know how important it is to learn in a pleasant setting, we have selected beautiful guitars as well as gorgeous guitar studios.

At S & C, we also understand that it is not always easy to attend lessons as a mature guitar enthusiast. Hence, we always make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The surrounding in which you take your guitar lessons in Dubai matters a lot to us.

If you are an advanced amateur guitarist, S & C is undoubtedly the most recommend guitar academy for you to take guitar lessons in Dubai.

Our master guitar instructor Stefan Joubert is well-known for his unparalleled understanding of advanced guitarists who play the guitar for their pleasure. Attending his lessons will help you improve your technique, sound production and interpretation drastically!

He has spent countless hours studying the instrument, and his knowledge of the guitar is remarkable!

Whatever your ultimate goal or current situation, you can be assured to benefit from excellent advice that will transform your guitar playing forever.

He knows the guitar in and out, and it is truly amazing to hear him speak about the instrument. He has got so much experience, and that he always has a solution for any technical or musical problem that you may have.

These unique classes are enormously enjoyed and appreciated by all her pupils. Participating regularly is a wonderful way to improve your understanding of interpretation significantly, and to meet and connect with like-minded guitar enthusiasts.

Book your advanced classical guitar course with us in Dubai:

If you are ready to start and want to make massive progress in your classical guitar playing, then you are in precisely the right place.

Courses start from only 1000 AED per calendar month.

To get started, please visit our contact page here.

Alternatively, send an email to Diane at 

You can also visit our guitar courses and fees here.

We will be delighted to help you reach your musical goals for your classical guitar playing and help make your musical dreams come true!

Always remember that quality guitar education is the best move forward for your guitar journey and selecting the right place to learn is definitely the way to succeed!

We look forward to helping you become the classical guitarist that you have always wanted to become!