10 Reasons why you don’t need any prior experience to start learning the guitar!

Too often, guitar enthusiasts who dream of learning how to play the guitar do not ever start. They believe that playing the guitar is not an activity that can undertake at an older age.

For some odd reasons, they think that it is too late to start and that only children can have this privilege.

This belief is, fortunately, only based on myths and unfounded assumptions. We greatly encourage passionate guitar enthusiasts who wish to play the guitar to take this leap of faith and to start playing.

At S & C, we specialise in offering guitar courses to individuals with no prior musical background. We are proud to say that the unparalleled methods we are using have been proven hugely successful.

We know how to approach absolute beginners, and the remarkable understanding that our excellent instructors have of amateur guitarists has so far been unprecedented.

1st Reason: Playing the guitar is a skill that needs to be learned, as much as any other

There is no shame of not having any prior musical knowledge when attending your first guitar lesson. It will, in fact, be a part of your education to develop this musical knowledge.

You must remember that playing the guitar is a skill like all others, and it is only by learning that you can master it.

Even the world’s greatest guitarists have been absolute beginners at some point. It is thanks to the amount of work that they have put in, that they became the virtuosi they are today.

Do not worry if you have not played at all in your childhood, as there is no age limit to start learning how to play the guitar and enjoy it greatly!

2nd Reason: You already possess the three most essential skills to succeed: motivation, focus and discipline

As a mature guitar enthusiast, you are much better equipped than children to start learning how to play the guitar. You already have a sense of focus and discipline and tremendous motivation.

Children generally do not possess these essential skills, and often end up wasting a tremendous amount of time in their studies.

You will become successful, and transform from an absolute beginner to a proficient guitarist if you combine these three skills with regular practice and our expert guidance.

3rd Reason: Our structured and well-balanced guitar courses are perfect for absolute beginners

You do not need any musical knowledge to take guitar lessons at S & C, as our courses for absolute beginners include the following:

  • How to hold a plectrum
  • How to improvise using the pentatonic scale
  • How to play all the important open chords and barre chords
  • How to strum
  • How to play basic guitar solos
  • How to play with other musicians
  • How to play in time with a metronome
  • And SO much more…

4th Reason: Starting at the very beginning with S & C guarantees to learn the correct habits from day one

Beginning your guitar education with S & C is a guarantee of learning all the right techniques from the start. It would avoid having to unlearn bad habits acquired in the past because of poor guitar instruction.

Even if you play the guitar for your pleasure, our instructors will teach you the secrets of guitar playing as used by the world’s greatest guitarists. They will, of course, always keep in mind that it is your hobby, and ensure that you enjoy your guitar lessons thoroughly!

Learning in the right way from day one is essential to avoid losing time, money and motivation.

5th Reason: Our instructors specialise in teaching absolute beginners

At S & C, we work with brilliant instructors who have developed an unparalleled understanding of guitar enthusiasts who wish to play the guitar for their pleasure.

For this very reason, all your lessons will be tailored to your abilities and wishes. You can be ensured that your instructor will guide you in a way that it is easy to understand.

You will never be patronised, or given exercises or songs that are too difficult for you to play.

Thanks to their unsurpassed experience, our guitar instructors are also aware that you might have a busy life. The amount of homework will, therefore, always be given to you accordingly.

Our instructors will always take their time with you to ensure a solid foundation before moving on.

6th Reason: Learning how to play the guitar is a skill that requires time and practice

There is nothing complicated in learning how to play the guitar. It only requires time and practice to develop the muscle memory and experience necessary to approach intricate guitar songs.

As in any other field, repetition through practice is critical, and there is no reason why you should not be able to play the guitar exceptionally well if you dedicate the right amount of time to it!

7th Reason: There is no age limit to learn a new skill

You can learn a new skill at any age. Hulda Crooks took up mountain climbing at the age of 70, and in her nineties became the oldest woman to ascend Mount Fuji.

If she has been able to achieve this phenomenal goal, don’t you think that it is easier for you to learn how to play the guitar?

Your muscles are still flexible enough, and your brain still has enough plasticity.

Do not think that you should have developed all the skills in your childhood. Hulda Crooks did not believe that, and she, therefore, became hugely successful!

8th Reason: Availability and location is not an excuse

At S & C, we understand that location and ability to attend lessons in person could sometimes be daunting if you are required to travel regularly.

For this reason, we are also offering long-distance guitar courses for those who are unable to attend their lessons weekly on a set day and time.

You can, therefore, learn how to play the guitar, and benefit from the highest guitar instruction provided by master guitar instructors, wherever you are located in the world.

9th Reason: Age can be an advantage

Being a mature guitar enthusiast is an advantage, as children lack some skills that are essential in guitar playing.

Despite children, you can understand the emotions and moods to be expressed in various guitar songs. You know what practising and developing new skills mean. You can understand complex concepts and technical explanations, and you have a developed attention span. You also have “advanced” mathematical reasoning which children have yet to develop…

You see. You have everything on your side, to become the guitarist you dream of being, even if you currently have no prior musical background!

10th Reason: We specialise in teaching guitar enthusiasts of all levels

S & C is the only guitar academy in Dubai and the UAE that specialises in offering the highest guitar education provided by master guitar instructors, to adults from all walks of life, and all levels.

Even if you have never read a music score before, or touched an instrument, we will warmly welcome you, and ensure that you successfully learn how to play the guitar, as you have always wanted to!

Whether you’re a complete beginner with no prior experience, or have had a few guitar lessons in the past, at S & C we pride ourselves on providing a quality guitar instruction that will help you build a solid foundation of the instrument with great habits, and eventually move on to beautiful, more complex compositions.

No matter what level of experience you are at, our guitar teachers can assess your needs and ensure you’re receiving the right tuition for you. Get in touch with us to book your first ever guitar lesson today!

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