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About Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert is the co-owner of S & C. He is passionate about helping adults learn how to play the guitar in Dubai. He truly believes that no one is too old or not talented enough. He also manages The London Guitar Institute located in the City of London in the United Kingdom. You can contact Stefan at or

6 Steps To Learning To Play The Guitar As A Beginner


Think About What Has Drawn You to The Guitar Now there must be a reason you’ve decided to pick up a guitar in the first place, especially if it’s as an adult so you can’t blame your parents for forcing you into lessons! Perhaps there’s a famous guitarist that you have always admired or a band that you love the sound of? Maybe you saw a concert and were drawn to the guitarist and decided you wanted to give it a go? Whatever it was, the reason why you first decided to pick up this instrument is something that you shouldn’t [...]

6 Steps To Learning To Play The Guitar As A Beginner2022-01-01T21:19:57+04:00

Why S & C Guitar Is The School Of Choice To Learn Guitar In Dubai


Welcome to S & C Guitar! Situated in the Gate Avenue Mall in the Dubai International Financial Centre, S & C Guitar tuition is a music school for adults of all abilities to either start learning or to continue their studies on the guitar! At S & C, there is a strong focus on providing quality tuition to its students from experienced tutors who know how to structure their lessons for students from all walks of life. The facilities at the school provide a relaxed and friendly environment for learning across many styles such as jazz, classical, rock, blues, and pop, [...]

Why S & C Guitar Is The School Of Choice To Learn Guitar In Dubai2021-12-14T21:01:07+04:00

The Phrygian Dominant Scale


Phygrian Dominant Mode - Phrygian Major Third The top 10 scales of many guitarists including Yngwie Malmsteen One of the most fascinating scales that we as guitarists love to play is the Phygrian major third mode. It's a classic scale that is featured on various rock metal and flamenco records (amongst others). It's a favourite scale of Yngwie Malmsteen and various other guitarists. What makes the Phrygian Major Third? The Phrygian major third mode is a scale that finds its origins in either the third mode of the major scale or the 5th mode of the relative minor key. (Using harmonic [...]

The Phrygian Dominant Scale2021-10-02T01:21:46+04:00

10 Steps to help improve your jazz guitar playing


Discover 10 Steps to help improve your jazz guitar playing by Dubai's master guitar instructor Stefan Joubert Step 1: Listen to great jazz music In order to become a competent jazz guitarist, you will need to listen to a lot of excellent jazz music. It is simply essential to get the sound of jazz in your ear! Listening to a lot of jazz music will help you internalise the sound of swing! In addition to listening, you should also attend regular performances of live jazz. By attending live jazz performances, you will become more and more acquainted with the vocabulary of [...]

10 Steps to help improve your jazz guitar playing2021-10-02T01:20:41+04:00


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